C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E




NAME:                                            Mohamed Hamed FAHMY


HOME MAILING ADDRESS:         #2122-195 Clearview Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA, K1Z 6S1

Tel. and Fax.:  (613) 792-1838, e-mail: igcs_fahmy@yahoo.ca


CITIZENSHIP:                                 Canadian, Egyptian


LANGUAGES:                                English, French, Arabic


EDUCATION:                                  B. Sc. Agriculture (Animal Science)             1960 (Ain Shams

M. Sc. (Animal Breeding - genetics)             1964 University

Ph.D.  (Animal Breeding - genetics)             1967 Cairo, Egypt)


Computer programming                                1965  Cairo, Egypt

Computer programming and systems           1969  Ottawa, Ontario

Kepner - Tregoe - Problem analysis

                                                        and decision making                                     1983  Lennoxville, Que.

Middle Management Orientation Program    1986  Cornwall, Ont.



1961-1966                                       Manager, Allam Dairy Farms, Kolubeyya, Egypt

1961-1967                                       Research Assistant, Desert Institute, Matareyya, Cairo, Egypt

1968                                                Statistician, Royal Commission on Farm Machinery, Ottawa, ON, Canada

1968-1981                                       Research Scientist, Agriculture Canada, Lennoxville, QC, Canada

1974-1975                                       Post-doctoral transfer of work to ABRO, Scotland and CNRZ, France

1981-1991                                       Senior Research Scientist

1984-1988                                       Head of Meat Production Section

1991-1998                                       Principal research scientist.

2000- present                                  President, International Genetic Consulting Service, Ottawa, ON. Canada.



Sheep:                                             Adaptation of sheep to unfavourable environment, crossbreeding, selection, factors affecting reproductive abilities, breed development, use of major genes, improve carcass quality through hormonal manipulation, conservation of genetic resources.

Swine:                                              Crossbreeding - Selection - Reproduction - Management

Beef Cattle:                                      Management systems - Cow-calf operations

Dairy Cattle:                                     Crossbreeding - Meat production from dairy herds

Goats :                                             Mohair production, Nutrition



Management of production and research herds of domestic livestock.

Experimental design and statistical handling of data including processing using computers. 

Scientific writing and extending information to the industry. 

Physical assessment of animal products. 

Administration of a research department.

Editing an internatiuonal scientific journal (Small Ruminant Research).

Scientific consultations in the field of animal breeding and genetics




01- Crossbreeding of sheep under desert conditions. C-01, C-02, C-03, C-04, C-05, C-07, C-34, D-01

02- Crossbreeding among meat breeds in Canada. C-08, C-19, C-24,

03- The development and characterization of DLS breed of sheep. C-38, C-42, C-45, C-53, C-57,

      C- 61, C-64, C-75, D-05, D-06

04- Importation and evaluation of Romanov sheep in Canada. C-67, C-70, C-73, D-09, D-11

05- Evaluation of Finnsheep crosses in Canada. C-60, C-62, C-63, C-65, C-66, C-69, C-74, D-08,

      D-16, D-17

06- Importation and evaluation of Callipyge gene. C-88, D-18

07- Comparisons between prolific breeds as purebreds and in crossing. C-81, D-10

08- Evaluation of accelerated breeding systems. C-72

09- Evaluation and preservation of Newfoundland sheep. C-46

10- Use hormonal immunization to improve carcass quality. C-87

11- Effect of transportatrion stress on reproduction. C-68

12- Effect of feeding management on growth of lambs. C-71, C-76, C-77, C-86, D-15

13- Studies in reproductive physiology and nutrition. C-79, C-82, C-83, C-85, C-89

14- Behaviour studies. C-84, D-13



01- The effects of selection for feed efficiency and carcass traits and the establishement of  

      improved lines. C-09,C-10, C-11, C-15, C-18, C-20, C-21,

02- The effect of crossing and the performance of 28 crosses. C-14, C-16, C-17, C-22, C-31, C-32,

      C-36, C-37, C-39, C-41,  C-43,  C-55 D-02, D-07

03- Studied the effect of selection for high haemoglobin content. C-40.

04- Studied the effect of breed differences on early reprodutive traits. C-27, C-28, C-35, C-51, C-59

05- Studied genetic and phenotypic parameters of swine. C-48



01- Evaluation of the Shorthorn breed and its crosses in Canada. C-12, C-13, C-25, C-26,

02- Evaluation and improvement of the Canadian breed. C-49, C-58.

03- Crossbreeding of dairy cows with exotic beef breeds. C-29, C-30, C-47, C-52, 

04- Study the effect of management proctices on beef production C-23, C-44



01- Effect of nutrition on mohair and blood parameters in Angora. C-80

02- Breeding goats for meat production C-90, C-91, C-92, D-19, D-21



01- Use of prolific sheep to improve production from smallholder in Egypt. (IDRC Project 1985-89)



A-               Edited 3 Books  A 1-3

B-              Wrote 14 Chapters in 4 books   B 1-14

C-              Author or co-author of 92 scientific papers published in recognized journals including seven reviews.  C 1-92

D-              Author or co-author of 21 papers published in proceedings of national and international scientific meetings. D 1-21

E-              Author of 8 departmental publications  E 1-8

F-               Author or co-author of 31 scientific abstracts published in scientific journals.  F 1-31

G-              Author of 147popular articles published in trade magazines.  G 1-147                     






1)  International                                Director, International goat Association.

2)  National:                                     Swine ROP Genetics Advisory Committee (1974-80)

Director,Can. Soc. of Animal Science, (1977-1980).

                                                        National committee on red meat.

3)  Provincial:                                  CPAQ Swine and Sheep Committees (1974-1997).


EDITORIAL                                     Editorial board of Small Ruminant Research (1990-1993)(2001-   )

RESPONSIBILITIES:                      Associat Editor, Small Ruminant Research (1993- 1996).

                                                        Editor-in-Chief, Small Ruminant research (1996-2001)

HONORS:                                        Chevalier, Commanderie des Fromages de Saint Maure de Touraine, France.

                                                        Professor emeritus, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University.


COUNTRIES VISITED:                  

A- Invited speaker                           Egypt, U.S.A., U.K., France,The Netherland, Poland, Spain, New Zealand, Japan, Finland, Austria, Venezuela,


B- Visited for work related               Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, Italy, Hong Kong, Tahiti, Hungary, Sweden, Lebanon. Mexico, Bahamas, BVI.



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